Before and After Process of a Multi Functional Kitchen

Homeowners must know the best time to start their kitchen makeover. So it will be complete before a certain key date like holidays, etc.

It’s no surprise that we often get asked the question, “How long does it take to remodel a kitchen?”.

Planning and Design Phase Timeline of a Kitchen Remodel

We let our clients or homeowners take as much time as they need during the planning and design phase. They need to be completely comfortable with what they are getting in their new kitchen. In general, never ever let a contractor rush you. Take the necessary time to think about what you want when deciding for a kitchen makeover.

Home remodeling is a complicated process. We take great care of the details for our clients to ensure that their dream home brings to life.

Our Process

Where we get the customers’ input and wants, schedule the estimate or meeting.

Where we go over the scope of work, budget, contractors notes and provide with an estimate

Schedule time frames, costs, finished product and paperwork.

We start protecting the related area with ram boards and plastics. Removing old items and start building your project by specifications.

Coordinating with the team to craft your project exactly the way you want it.

Final inspection with the contractor, checking off the items from your preliminary walk-through.


Here’s a quick overview of the recent Kitchen Remodel Project that we completed in Redmond

Featuring the large Carrara marble countertop and blue kitchen island. It also has custom cabinetry with roll-out sleeves and soft-close feature. Subway backsplash, paint & trim complete, and hardwood floors refinished. All brand new appliances and lighting fixtures and even pull out chopping board. Indeed, a perfect spot for family gathering and entertainment. Without a doubt, this project is so stylish and multifunctional. We’ve enjoyed the whole process.

A place where everyone is welcome. The kitchen island becomes the center of the room. Where everyone gets comfy and engages in conversation.

It does more than serve as a cooking area. It’s often the main family gathering spot. An open concept kitchen is a good choice. Modern families can use the space for a variety of tasks. It creates an all-inclusive environment that’s perfect for today’s living.


Tear Out and Demolition


Rough-In Work Including Framing and Plumbing


Sanding before refinishing


Drywall installation




Time for Cabinets and Plumbing Fixtures


Bring in New Appliances


Celebrate Your New Kitchen

In addition, you can watch this video for the whole process of the kitchen remodel, Before and After Custom Kitchen Remodel in Redmond WA .

Decided to give your kitchen a makeover, feel free to connect with us.  Schedule a free in-home estimate or visit our website for more inspiration