How To Choose The Best Flooring For Your Bathroom

How To Choose The Best Flooring For Your Bathroom

It’s time to update your old bathroom floor! With so many flooring options to choose from — where do you start? Keep in mind the flooring you install for your kitchen, bedroom, or living may not always be the best option for your bathroom. You need a bathroom that’s durable, water-resistant, and holds up well in a humid environment. 

Let’s dig deep into some of the best types of flooring for your bathroom!

Porcelain Tiles 

For many homeowners, porcelain tile is the way to go! These tiles are waterproof, versatile, and very stylish! Porcelain tile is also tougher and more scratch resistant than other types of tiles. Plus, they perform well in high traffic areas, like a bathroom, and will look great for years to come with very little maintenance. Porcelain tiles are easy to care for and never need to be sealed to maintain their waterproof properties. These tiles come in so many different designs and colors, so it’s easy to choose one that fits the style of your home! You can even have hardwood floors (the look of it, at least) with porcelain wood tile planks! 

Sammamish, WA

Sammamish, WA

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile may be one of the flooring options that works in any room of the house. Many homeowners use it in kitchens, bathrooms and other high-traffic areas. Ceramic tiles are generally more affordable than porcelain tiles due to differences in ingredients and preparation. Ceramic tile is extremely durable and highly unlikely to crack as a result of wear and tear. These tiles are also extremely easy to clean and low-maintenance. There’s also so much flexibility with ceramic tiles with so many colors and finishes to choose from. The options are endless! Keep in mind that ceramic does not retain heat well so consider adding a few extra rugs to the bathroom for chilly mornings!

Bellevue, WA

Issaquah, WA

Natural Stone Tile 

Natural stone tile is made from all-natural materials straight from mother earth! Marble, granite, limestone, slate, quartz and many more. Each stone tile is unique in its coloring and natural characteristics. Because of its beauty, uniqueness and elegance, natural stone tile is known to increase the value of your home. These tiles are also very durable and easy to maintain. Keep in mind, stone tiles are porous and require a sealant or glaze periodically to keep their water and stain resistance. 

Kent, WA

Remember, while designing your dream bathroom may be your goal, make sure to choose a flooring that’s waterproof and durable!