How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Luxury Spa

How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Luxury Spa

Anyone can light a few candles and soak in a lavender bath bomb but if you are really looking for an in-home spa experience, you have come to the right place! The Dream Home team knows how to bring the luxury of professional spas and saunas right into your home (and we are sharing some of our favorite tips and techniques with you.)

Not only is creating a luxurious bathroom an investment in your family’s enjoyment of your home, it is also an investment in the value of your property! Whether you choose to make a few smaller upgrades or do a full-scale remodel, read on to learn about design details and functionality you can add to turn your basic bathroom into a five star spa.


Break down some barriers! 

Make your space as airy and open as possible. By eliminating unnecessary walls in your bathroom, you can use the extra space to add deluxe features such as a walk-in shower, free standing tub or a double vanity. Also, the more open the space, the more relaxing and luxurious the atmosphere will be. 

Living in a material world.

When designing the perfect at-home spa bathroom, take a moment to think about what material will make you feel most relaxed while still giving you a lavish spa feel. If you are looking for a warm, cozy and rustic vibe you might opt for a wood-like tile or stone to bring warmth into the space. Whereas marble is an excellent choice if you are after a sleek and modern design that evokes that clean spa feeling. You can even go for a more vintage approach like the photo above, which mixes an exposed brick wall with modern tile.  

Customize your vanity.

A custom vanity is a must to take your bathroom turned spa to the next level of luxury. A custom vanity is not only built to suit your personal style, but also your organizational needs. When designing a custom vanity, it is important to take into account how many sinks you would like, what material you would like for your countertop and what finish you would like for the base of the vanity. After you have figured out the general idea of what you want your vanity to look like, it is time to design the cabinets. How much storage space will you need to store all your at-home spa essentials in your new bathroom. But don’t worry, Dream Home Construction will work with you on each of these steps and create a 3D design so you can see your vanity come to life!

Life is the bubbles! 

Replacing your plain, old bathtub with a jacuzzi jet tub will make all the difference in your spa space. A jet tub will provide you with the space for the most relaxing soak in your home spa. There are two different kinds of jet tubs on the market, a whirlpool and an air tub. A whirlpool shoots jets of water and an air tub shoots jets of, well you guessed it, air. Both provide different sensations, so it is up to you to decide which you prefer.

When choosing a tub, there are also many styles to choose from. Some of the most popular styles of tubs are freestanding, clawfoot, alcove, drop-in or undermount. A freestanding or clawfoot tub both offer easy installation and flexible placement options. Alcove baths are typical for tub-shower combinations because they fit in an alcove of the bathroom. Drop-in and undermount tubs both drop into custom made enclosures and require a more intricate installation.

Whatever bathtub you choose, you can’t forget the finishing touches. Add a wood tray to lay across the tub to hold your face masks and spa goodies for the most luxurious soak. 

Get steamy! 

If you love the experience of a steam room at the spa, bring it into your own home! You can turn your shower into the steam room of your dreams with a few adjustments. First, contractors will install a steam unit into your shower. Next, they will ensure that the rest of your bathroom doesn’t feel the effects of the steam by fully enclosing your shower from floor to ceiling. This will prevent the steam from creeping out and running you the risk of mold.

Heat rises, so keep it in the floors. 

One of the worst parts of getting out of a warm, steamy shower or a bubbly bath is stepping onto cold tile floors after. Rid yourself of this problem for good by opting for heated floors for your spa bathroom renovation. Heat floors are almost effortless to run and can be set to whatever temperature your toes desire! 

Towel-tally awesome!

Anyone can buy high-end, top quality towels to add to their bathroom to give it more of a spa feel. If you REALLY want to take your new fluffy towels to the next level, warm them up on a heated towel rack. This minor detail will take your at home spa to the next level. 

It’s the little things.

Once you have decided on all the spa features you want to invest in for your new luxurious bathroom, Dream Home Construction will work with you to not only make your bathroom a spa, but into the spa of your DREAMS. Whether your style is eclectic, chic, mid-century modern or more traditional, DHC will work with you every step of the way to help you choose the perfect paint, the most luxurious tiles and every detail in between.