TOP 5 Home Remodeling Projects This Fall

The cooler temps and changing leaves are hard to resist. While beautiful, fall is also the perfect time for rolling up our sleeves and tackling those home improvement projects we put off during the summer. Here are some of the home remodeling projects this fall.

1. Kitchen improvements –  Considering all the cooking that goes on during the holiday season, the fall is a great time to make improvements to your kitchen. You can do minor things like replacing the hardware on your kitchen cabinets, install a new countertop or go big and install all new appliances.


2. Hardwood flooring upgrade

When it comes time to renovate your home, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is what type of flooring to use.


3. Refresh (or repair) the deck

A deck is only as good as its condition. If the wood is splintering, the finish faded, or the rails shaky, call in the experts.


4. Upgrade your master bath

Bathroom remodeling isn’t all or nothing. You can cut down on bathroom remodel costs by going one step at a time. A bathroom can still benefit from new lighting or ventilation updates followed by a new bathroom vanity or granite countertops. You can always upgrade some features later down the road.


5. Fireplace remodel

Proper inspection of a fireplace is vital to ensuring its safe operation — even if it is rarely used.

Fall weather provides homeowners with the perfect opportunity to complete home remodeling projects. Whether you are looking to reduce energy costs or just improve the overall wellbeing of your home, there are several projects that are ideal for the fall season.

What home upgrades are you planning this fall? Share your thoughts about the best home improvements.

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