Bathroom Trends in the Pacific Northwest

Bathroom Trends in the Pacific Northwest 

We’re lucky to call the Pacific Northwest (PNW) our home. From the incredible mountains and forests to the unbelievable shoreline, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy! Here in Seattle, we’re inspired by the stunning landscape and we love to bring our favorite natural elements inside. We’re creating cozy and refreshing spaces that are filled with natural light, wood elements, plants and more! In fact, our love of nature has inspired a new decor trend that extends far beyond the Pacific Northwest region. 

Are you wondering how to incorporate elements from the PNW into your home? It’s easy! Let’s start with the bathroom — here are some of our favorite elements that you can try. 

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Bringing the Outdoors Inside 

The reality is we’re spending more time indoors than ever before! In Seattle’s often gloomy and  cloudy climate, having extra sunlight makes all the difference. Homeowners are installing large windows and skylights to flood their homes with natural light. Not only does sunlight boost your mood and increase productivity, but it also creates the illusion of having a bigger space. 

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Natural Finishes 

Continuing with the theme of bringing the outdoors inside — many homeowners are opting for  natural wood finishes in their bathrooms. Natural wood finishes are earthy and rustic, and they add a modern and cozy vibe to the bathroom. Another perk to adding natural wood finishes to your bathroom, they match with everything! Earthy wood tones pair nicely with many bathroom fixture finishes. We especially like the contrast of using natural wood finishes with dramatic matte black fixtures!


Need a little boost first thing when you wake up? Not only do plants make your space more beautiful, they also make your bathroom feel like a luxurious spa. The vibrant green colors boost your mood and give you energy to start your day. Plants have a natural and healthy vibe that we are drawn to! Here’s a tip — place plants in your shower to improve the air quality and absorb excess moisture in your bathroom. 

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Color Therapy 

Let’s be honest, we all need a little extra comfort these days! We’re welcoming warm and earthy tones back into our spaces. Decorating in earth tones will create a cozy feeling in your bathroom and help you unwind after a long day. 

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In Seattle, we love using natural materials, colors and details to create refreshing, warm and welcoming spaces in our homes. Nature is the best decorator so why not take a cue from Mother Nature herself? 

If you love the PNW and enjoy the idea of bringing the outdoors inside, check out this beautiful bathroom trend!