How to Choose The Right Appliances for your Dream Kitchen

How to Choose The Right Appliances for your Dream Kitchen 

Selecting the perfect appliances for your kitchen remodel can be challenging. Between the sink, oven, stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher, the options might feel endless and overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! There are two main things to ask yourself while selecting appliances for your kitchen: does the appliance fit the layout of your dream kitchen and is it the best fit for your lifestyle?

To help you answer these questions, read on and get to know these appliances in detail! 


There are two basic types of kitchen refrigerators: freestanding and custom build-ins. 

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Freestanding refrigerators (like the one pictured above) easily slide in and out of spaces, but because they are a one-size-fits-all solution, this also means they stick out 4-6 inches past the cabinets surrounding them. A freestanding refrigerator can often be seen from all angles since it is not flush with countertops or cabinets. They are however, the easiest to relocate if you are planning on moving or changing the kitchen’s layout in the near future. The freestanding refrigerator is also the best option for those who are budget driven. 

A built-in refrigerator fits flush with your cabinets and countertops to create a cohesive look. Built-in refrigerators are typically taller than a freestanding option and while they offer more storage, they are more difficult to move. Built-in refrigerators can even be customized with  paneling to match your cabinets. Check out the example below of a built-in refrigerator that Dream Home installed in Sammamish, Washington. 

Dream Home install in Sammamish, WA

If you are deciding between these two options, other than esthetics, it is important to think about your family’s lifestyle. For example, does your family of six require more food storage space? If so, it might be best to go with a larger size fridge. Do you prefer a double door fridge with your freezer on the bottom or a side-by-side? If you feel the space is necessary, separated fridge and freezer units are an option. Thinking about how your everyday use of the kitchen (and what you might want to change) should help you choose an option that works best for you. 


A microwave will take up ample space wherever it is in your kitchen, so it is best to take this into account during the design phase of your remodel. Placement for your microwave depends on what works best for you and your space. There are two options when it comes to microwaves, shelf and built-in. 

Shelf microwaves are your most basic option. They sit on a shelf with no frame around it, giving it a simple, but more unfinished look. 

If you truly want to make the most out of your kitchen, you cannot go wrong with a built-in microwave. Nestle it into your cabinet space, island or above your stove top for the best results. Built-ins will lay flush with your cabinets giving you a sleek look.

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If you are looking for a space saving option, you can get a built-in microwave and oven combination built into the wall. It resembles a double oven but the top is actually a microwave.


Dishwashers are a staple in all modern kitchens. Classic dishwashers have doors that pull down from the top, are often under the countertop, and are always 24 inches across. Stainless steel is the most popular option for dishwashers but if you are looking to obtain a seamless look, a dishwasher can be paneled to match your cabinets. Can you find the dishwasher in the photo below? (Hint: it is to the right of the sink)

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Drawer dishwashers are also becoming more popular as they can be more accessible to load, are more economical for smaller batches, and can be placed at whatever height is needed.

Cooktop, wall oven and range

Deciding between a cooktop and wall oven or a range might be one of the most important decisions you will make when choosing your kitchen appliances. There are benefits to both. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to decide which is best for you:

How many cooks are in your kitchen? 

How often do you stand over your stove while something is also in the oven?

Do you often make meals that include the main dish to be cooked in the oven?

Are you a frequent baker?

The range, which can be attached to an oven or seperated, has the option of being either gas, electric, or induction. The choice is all up to personal preference and which you prefer to cook on. Electric and induction cooktops will provide a more sleek and modern look and can be integrated into your countertop or island. A range + oven combo is the best option for you if you are limited on space in your kitchen and need to limit the space your appliances take up.

The combination of a cooktop with a freestanding oven is best for home chefs. If your kitchen’s floor plan allows the space for a freestanding oven, take advantage of it as it allows you the most flexibility and access while cooking. Check out the example below of a gorgeous double oven in a recent Redmond install.

Dream Home install in Redmond, WA


Once you have selected the perfect cooktop for your kitchen, it is time to choose the best hood to hang above it. There are four hood options, under the cabinet, freestanding, custom built-in hood and a downdraft. 

An under cabinet hood is the most basic option. It simply hangs above your cooktop without being integrated into its surroundings. While the least attractive hood, it is a good option if you are looking to save a few extra bucks.

A freestanding hood hangs on the wall above your cooktop. This is not a good option if you need to save space but it is best for professional home chefs. It is a very popular option and it fits most budgets.

A custom built in hood is designed to create a seamless flow with your cabinets. This is a common choice when remodeling the entire kitchen, as it creates the most cohesive and luxurious look.

A downdraft hood is a hood alternative that actually sits behind the cooktop. This is most commonly used when the cooktop is on an island. However, the ventilation isn’t as strong as a regular hood so this option is typically reserved for when there is no option for an overhead hood. See an example from a Bellevue kitchen remodel below.

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Accessorizing with appliances:

Finally, add a bit of personality to your kitchen with your countertop appliances. Although they are not kitchen necessities, you can add a pop of color and personal style to your kitchen with accessories like a coffee maker and toaster.

We love the contrast of these blue accessories with white tile! This is also a great option if you lack cabinet space in your kitchen and need to utilize your counter space. 

Your dream kitchen deserves dream appliances and Dream Home Construction is here to help make those dreams, a reality!