5 Unique Small Bathroom Ideas

Is your bathroom lacking in square footage? Don’t worry! A small bathroom actually presents a big design opportunity. Just because your bathroom isn’t spacious doesn’t mean you have to skimp on ​​style or functionality. You can still let your design personality shine by choosing space-saving solutions that make a bold impact. Gather some design inspiration from these unique small bathrooms. 

Kirkland, Wa

Sammamish, Wa

Wall-Mounted Fixtures

At first glance, this countertop looks very spacious. That’s because of the space-saving wall-mounted fixtures! Wall-mounting the fixtures not only frees up valuable counter space, it also gives your bathroom a unique look. 

Kirkland, WA

Lighten up! 

Fun wall sconces make small spaces appear bigger than they are. There are so many great light fixture styles to choose from that will complement the style of your bathroom. Pro tip: Match your sconces to your fixtures for a cohesive look! 

Kirkland, WA

Kirkland, Wa

Floating Shelves

Squeezing storage into a small bathroom can definitely be a challenge. Custom floating shelves to the rescue! Sleek open shelves provide ample space to store your items while giving the space style and personality. We especially love the look of rustic wooden shelves. They’re the ideal option for a small bathroom because the neutral color won’t overwhelm the space.

Issaquah, Wa

Shower & Tub Combo

It’s possible your bathroom may not have enough room for a separate shower and a tub. A shower/tub combo is the perfect solution! A combo bathtub and shower doesn’t have to be boring. Play with patterned tiles to make the space really pop. Playful patterns give a small space plenty of charm and personality. Don’t forget about those custom built-ins. A custom shower niche is a simple way to store your items without adding any external storage.

Issaquah, WA

Floating Vanities

Installing a floating vanity creates a lot of airiness in a small bathroom. Never underestimate the visual impact of floating your vanity. Not only do floating vanities free up room for more storage but they also come in many different styles and sizes. Choose a vanity with a single sink if space is extra limited. You can also choose a vanity with a neutral finish to lighten up the space. 

With a little creative thinking, you can get a lot of functional and stylish elements into your small bathroom. A bathroom with limited square footage can be just as grand as a spacious master bathroom. Now that you have plenty of inspiration for your small bathroom, what will you choose for your space?